Calvary Curriculum's Children's Ministry Conference 2019

Teacher Email #2

Dear Teachers, Interpreters, and Helpers,

Just a few more days and the Children’s Ministry Conference will be here! We are so excited for the Lord to work.

Have you had unexpected challenges come up as you’ve been preparing for this event? We have. But you know, that’s what we signed up for when we said, “yes” to serving the Lord. We know that the enemy doesn’t want children to meet Jesus and have their lives touched by His amazing love. But we also know that Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church! When we are in heaven with Jesus, and with each other, and with the children that God allowed us to disciple, imagine the JOY there will be. What a privilege it is to prepare for that day! We are looking forward to this conference being a sweet time of building up and encouraging one another in this most valuable work of feeding Jesus’ lambs.

There are a few things you need to be aware of before this Saturday. We had to simplify some things on our end due to some of those unexpected challenges. So, instead of us sending each workshop teacher/interpreter their workshop times and locations, please download each of the workshops (English & Spanish) so that you know where to go when it’s time for you to teach/interpret. Both the  2 files will be important to be aware of, depending on if you are teaching in English, teaching in Spanish, or if you are one of the interpreters, please take a look at each of these files.

Also, some of you are teaching/interpreting multiple times, so make sure to scroll through ALL the workshops in all 5 sessions to find your workshops. Please take a note on which times and locations are yours, so that you are ready to head to the correct room(s) at the right time(s) on Saturday, February 23.

There will not be a teacher meeting on Saturday, so please review all the information from our previous email to you. There is critical information in it that you need to know, in order to help everything run smoothly.

If you are teaching during Workshop 2, there will be some notes taped to the podium/music stand at the front of the class. Please instruct your workshop attendees with the information on that sheet, so that they know how lunch works. Also, please close out your Workshop 2 classes by praying for the lunch.

If you teach during Workshop 5, be aware that this will be the last event of the day, so please close out your workshop with a word of encouragement and pray for the people in your class.

Please continue to keep the conference and us in your prayers, as we are also praying for you and for this day.

Jesus went to the greatest extent to reach each one of us, and we want to see countless children brought into the fold where Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and where we get to feed these precious lambs with the Word of God. So let’s do this and let’s watch God work! God’s promises are sure, His love boundless, and His faithfulness everlasting.

Also, please read over Email #1 and we’ll see you on Saturday. 🙂

   Pastor Larry Enterline
   Pastor Matt Enterline

January 5

February 16