Teacher Email #2

Dear Teachers, Translators, and Helpers,

We are so looking forward to the Calvary Curriculum Children’s Ministry Conference, hosted by Calvary Chapel Golden Springs.

Much time and energy is going into this day, as we all continue to prepare.

Again, we are so thankful for all YOU are doing to prepare for the conference.

Please continue to pray for this day, and for all those who will be attending the conference.

Again, this year’s theme is: THE NEXT GENERATION is happening NOW.

The need is great; to reach children and bring them to Jesus, helping them to start a personal relationship with Him, and to grow as they are taught how to fellowship with the Lord. We can talk about a personal relationship with God, and yet not practice it.

Some details you need to know:

  • There will be walkie-talkies in each room. Leave walkie-talkies OFF until you need to use them.
  • To use – hold down menu button until it turns on, then press down left side button to talk, then release button to listen.
  • When using the walkie-talkie, give your name and the room number you are teaching in.
  • Please talk slowly.

More details – Please stay on schedule; this makes a big difference for the conference.
I understand that some of you may already know much of this information, but there will always be bits of new information, and it is always helpful to be reminded.

  • When having the five-minute time of prayer at the beginning of your workshop, make sure it is understood that this time is NOT just for the teacher to pray, but attendees are also welcomed to pray.

Give these examples of some things to be prayed for:

  1. Giving thanks to the Lord.
  2. Praying for specific children in need.
  3. Reaching the children in our communities.
  4. Support for the Children’s Ministries.
  5. The need for more people called by the Lord to care for the children.

There will be people in your workshops that will be in need of encouragement and direction for their lives. Be sensitive to the Lord.

We will soon post your workshop(s) and teaching times on cccm-conference.com. Look at your workshop(s) titles and descriptions, times and room locations.

Teachers & Translators – there is no need for you to register for the conference; you are registered.

This is another quote that will be posted from F.W. Boreham on the downstairs monitors throughout the lobby area, during the day of the conference:

“We fancy that God can only manage His world by big battalions abroad, when all the while He is doing it by beautiful babies at home. When a wrong wants righting, or a work wants doing, or truth wants preaching, or a continent wants opening, God sends a baby into the world to do it. And that is why, long, long ago, a babe was born in Bethlehem.”    F.W. Boreham

I pray you had a wonderful season of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Pastor Larry Enterline
Pastor Matt Enterline

November 22

December 30

February 10