Teacher Email #3

Dear Teachers, Translators, and Helpers,

Please continue to pray for the conference. It is sometimes easy just to think about praying and not to pray, so let’s be praying.

Once again, this year’s theme is: THE NEXT GENERATIONis happening NOW.
Important information for you:

  • Workshop rooms will be open Saturday morning, the day of the conference, at 7am, if you want to set up your classroom.
  • You will be able to see the classroom you will be teaching in on Saturday, February 17th at the teacher’s meeting. This is the Saturday before the conference day.
  • It is important for you to realize that there will be other teachers using the room you will be teaching in. Please be considerate and move in and out of your workshop in a timely manner, if there is another workshop right after your workshop. People may want to talk more with you once your workshop is over. Please go to the back of the classroom, or better yet, go outside the room to continue talking. Be aware of the workshops going on in the room you are teaching in by looking at the classroom sign.
  • The teacher lounge is upstairs, across from the top of the stairs. You can use the stairs located in the downstairs Children’s Ministry area. This room will have snacks, drinks, a place to rest, and will be a place where you can look over your workshop notes, if needed.
  • You can get your registration items (name tag, conference booklet, etc.) on the day of the conference, at C.C. Golden Springs, at one of the registration tables located outside. There will be a sign with “teachers, translators, and helpers” directing you to that table. You do not need to stand in the other registration lines.
  • Please make copies of your workshop class handouts for the workshop(s) you will be teaching. If you are unable to do so, please let us know as soon as possible. The average size class will need around 35-40 handouts. Also, it would be good to bring an extra set of masters if we need to photocopy more the day of the conference.

For those who teach just before lunch, at Workshop 2:

  • Need I say, please finish on time.
  • Please pray for lunch before dismissing your workshop.
  • Give directions to the lunch area, which is located in front of the church, where the registration tables were set up earlier.
  • Give instructions for each person to take one box lunch and a drink. If there are still snacks left over from breakfast time, everyone is welcome to those as well.

For those who teach at the last workshop, Workshop 5:

  • Please be praying about what closing words of encouragement you can share with those attending your workshop. You will be closing off the conference day, so take that opportunity to give vision and encouragement to those attending.
  • Encourage the attendees to fill out the conference questionnaires, and then give them to you, or place them in a drop box by the entrance/exit doors at the front of the church.
  • Those helping will be checking in on you in your workshops. If you need them, just raise your hand and ask…whatever the need is. Or use the walkie-talkie in your room to get some help (more copies, water, chairs, etc.).
  • There will be bottled water in your classroom for you, as the teacher. If needed, you can go to the teacher lounge for more, or call on the walkie-talkie.
  • At the end of your workshop, please close off the conference with prayer. Your workshop will be the closing of the conference, as we will not be gathering back together again.

Does this conference matter? The moral foundations of a child are generally determined by the time an individual reaches the age of nine. Also, spiritual identity will be set by the age of thirteen. Research has also shown that between the ages of 4-14, 85% of all commitments made to Christ occur. If a person does not receive Christ between the ages of 4-14, there is a 15% chance of doing so during their lifetime.
This is a critical time in a child’s life. This is a time when spiritual issues are being determined inside a child’s heart.

Here is another quote that will be posted from C.H. Spurgeon on the downstairs monitors, throughout the lobby area, during the day of the conference­:

Why minister to children?
¿Por qué debemos ministrar a los niños?

  • “To be a believer in God early in life is to be saved from a thousand regrets. Such a man will never have to say that he carries in his bones the sin of his youth.”
  • “Ser un creyente en Dios temprano en la vida, es salvarse de mil lamentos. Dicho hombre nunca tendrá que decir que lleva en sus huesos el pecado de su juventud.”
  • The teachings of our childhood leave clean-cut and sharp impressions upon the mind, which remain after seventy years have passed. Let us see that such impressions are made for the highest ends.”
  •  “La enseñanza de nuestra infancia, deja impresiones definidas y penetrantes en la mente, las cuales permanecen después que han pasado setenta años. Asegurémonos que dichas impresiones se hagan para los máximos propósitos.”

We have a high calling to minister to the children, to teach the children.
Nosotros tenemos un supremo llamado de ministrar a los niños, de instruir a los niños.


**PLEASE look back at ALL the emails we sent to you and read over them as a reminder. (LINKS below)


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